Bracket Order (BO) means in the Share Market

Bracket Order (BO) in Share Market: A Comprehensive Guide


In the world of stock trading, a Bracket Order (BO) is a special type of order that combines three different orders into one. It’s designed to help traders manage their positions effectively and control their potential losses and profits. Let’s break down the components of a Bracket Order and understand how it works.

Components of a Bracket Order

  1. Initial Order (Entry Order):

    • The Initial Order is the first part of a Bracket Order. It’s the order you place to enter a trade. This order comprises three sub-orders:

      • Buy/Sell Order: This is the main order to buy or sell a stock.

      • Trigger Price (TP): This is the price at which your main order gets activated. If the stock reaches this price, the main order is placed in the market.

      • Stop-loss Order (SL): This is a pre-defined price set by the trader to limit potential losses. If the stock’s price moves against the trade, this order is executed to limit the loss.

  2. Target Order (Take Profit Order):

    • The Target Order is the second part of a Bracket Order. It’s the order you place to secure profits.

      • Sell Order: This is the order to sell the stock once it reaches a specified profit level.

      • Target Price (TP): This is the price at which your sell order is placed in the market to lock in profits.

  3. Stop-loss Order (SL):

    • This is the same as the stop-loss order in the initial order. It’s reconfirmed in the Target Order to ensure that even if the trade goes against you after reaching the profit level, you can still limit your losses.

How a Bracket Order Works

  1. Scenario A: Trade Goes in Your Favor

    • If the stock price moves in the direction you anticipated, and it reaches your Target Price (TP), the sell order is executed, and you lock in your profits.
  2. Scenario B: Trade Goes Against You

    • If the stock price moves against your trade, and it reaches your Trigger Price (TP) from the Initial Order, the sell order is executed. This limits your potential losses.
  3. Scenario C: Trade Moves in Your Favor, Then Against You

    • If the stock price initially moves in your favor and reaches your Target Price (TP), but then reverses and hits your Trigger Price (TP) from the Initial Order, the sell order is executed to lock in profits. Additionally, the Stop-loss Order (SL) from the Target Order is also placed, limiting any further losses.

Key Points to Remember

  • Bracket Orders are beneficial for traders who want to automate their trade management and set specific profit and loss levels.

  • They are a risk management tool that helps traders limit potential losses while aiming for specific profit targets.

  • It’s important to set realistic and strategic Trigger Prices, Target Prices, and Stop-loss levels based on market analysis.


In a nutshell, a Bracket Order in the share market is a powerful tool that combines three different orders into one, allowing traders to manage their positions efficiently. By using Bracket Orders, traders can set specific profit targets and control potential losses, making it an invaluable strategy in the world of stock trading.

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